Do you have business insurance?

Yes. This is critical in my business.

What brand of equpiment do you use?


Do you travel?

I am based near Wollongong, NSW. However, I can travel to sessions, pending how far, it may incur a fee.

What is the turn around time for gallery delivery?

Gallery delivery to the client is six weeks, as noted in the contract. Should you require your gallery delivered in a shorter period of time, please mention this upon enquiry, as this does incur an additional fee.

Can I provide a list of images that I like?

Yes, of course! These can help me get prepared for our session, and help me to see your vision.

Can I customize a package?

Yes, no problem! Contact me below, so we can start a conversation about what your needs are for your photography session with me.

Do you send sneak peeks of our session?

Absolutely! This happens within the first 10 days, I send a few images from your session, either via email or text for you to enjoy.